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Hi everyone, Please Help me with your experience

Hello everyone, I am a new seller on here. I joined 1+ months ago but discovered the forum recently.
I am here as a Logo Designer. I have completed several orders. Now I have to know: My gig is 10$ 30$ 80$. Can I get a job if I apply for a Buyer request on a budget higher than this? I expect feedback from everyone…


It is best to respond to Buyer Requests with your real prices. Just because the buyer’s budget is higher does not mean you should inflate your prices. The buyer can look at your gigs and see that you usually charge less. Then they may think you are dishonest. :scream_cat:


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

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Yes you can, I always in fact offer custom prices in relation to the buyer requests.
I actually seldom offer my gig prices to buyer requests as a rule if thumb, as I can see what the buyer actually wants or requires.
I create a custom offer for there budget. and needs.
Just my 10c worth.

and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with up selling your gigs!

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1/ In buyer request buyer set the price for his/her project, so you during sending request you can put the buyer price for the project
2/ Or you can send your any suitable price you think for the project you are sending buyer request.
3/ In inbox you will find a button called create custom offer, you can create (according to your buyer requirements) any custom offer with any prices, that does not matter what price you set in your gig.

Upselling adds value. Quoting a higher than your real gig price to a buyer is walking on thin ice. There have been many buyers who have come to the Fiverr Forum to complain of that very thing. These buyers said they did not order from sellers who charged more than there standard prices unless there was added value.


You can quote whatever you like as a buyer request. However, I think your difficulty will be justifying a higher price given that your normal gig starts at $10. There is a massive discrepancy between $10 and $80.

This is exactly what I think whenever I see a seller quote $XXX for what they charge $X on their gig. That takes people out of the running right away.

On the other hand, if what you’re talking about is where the buyer is asking for more work than what your gigs offer, that’s okay. For example, my highest package is $800 for 20k. If someone asks for 25k, I’ll quote $1,000, even if my highest gig package is less than that.


Perhaps, however if you talk to the buyer in advance and discuss the final requirements.

I found it to be NO problem creating a custom gig with a custom price.

I would like to add, this has been my experience only.
As I do have gigs now that are more vast in choices, so perhaps I won’t need to create such a up-sell.

But I would also add, there is nothing wrong (imo), with up selling as ling as you meet your buyers request and get the gig.

At the end of the day there is something called choice.

10c Best of luck.

Yes it is a custom or out of the scope of the original gig.

Or the gig’s just don’t quite fill the buyers request and requires that little bit extra etc.

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Then you’re totally fine to charge more. Just make sure the price is at the same rate as your gig prices so that the buyer doesn’t get uneasy. :slight_smile:

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welcome to fiverr community

welcome to fiverr community

thanks for all the valuable feedback.

Thank you very much #dopenl