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Hi everyone! Seller with some experience but new to Fiverr Forum

Ok I have few seconds to snag your attention :face_with_monocle:, so I will use what @discobot taught me :grimacing:
My name is Florian Thana, 26 from Albania and I specialize in Marketing and Advertising industry. I was living a distracted life now I finally found a way to occupy my time. Now I work as Social Media Manager. I love working with passionate people and sharing what I’ve learned with them. This introduction is my window to the forum where you can find more about me and then get in touch for a chat about potential projects. I can do promotions on various social platforms groups I researched and gathered on private list, with thousands, millions of followers. Graphic designs with canva for any social media platform, logos, covers, flyers etc. Seo analysis report, keyword research and competitor analysis. Also I have a big collection of eBooks with resell rights license (PLR, MRR) wich contain precious information about marketing since we are on fiverr. I didn’t even have this skills few months ago but reading around about Fiverr on Forbes I found out. So If I did it here, you reader can also. If you want to learn something specific for few dollars you also have great courses on Fiverr buy qualified people.

Thanks for reading whoever did and I hope someone hires me :smiley:
With respect Florian


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

my account open help me


What help do you need?