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Hi everyone, should I keep my account or remake it?


So I have reached level 2 for about 2 months now, that didnt help much I still got just a few orders here and there but until this week I had a decent 98% rating with only one star rating.
I have recieved two more one stars even though I explained to the customers that I will be late due to personal issues, they said its ok but still cancelled, lovely customers.
My question is, my profile being at 95% now, should I create another one or keep this one with hope ?

Thank a lot !


Hi there,

your customers are certainly not to blame.

Those reviews were automated ones. When you don’t deliver on time, and another 48 hours pass, the system automatically closes the order and rates you with a 1-star review.

You have a resolution center on every order.

It would have taken you literally 30 seconds to send your thoughtful buyers a request to extend delivery time.

I think you should keep your account since you have reached an audience.

I’ve seen accounts with much worse actual scathing reviews that still get lots of sales.


They are to blame when I discuss the problem with them and they agree on waiting.


OK you obviously did not even bother to read and comprehend what I wrote above.

And with that attitude towards buyers, I don’t think you’ll last here very long.

Like I said it’s your responsibility to use the tools to extend delivery time.

Your buyers didn’t place a negative review, the system did.


I think I lasted for a good amount of time until now and my artwork is well appreciated, I respect my customers as long as they give the same respect back.


You work is absolutely beautiful !

That being said you gotta know where you work, and work according to the rules of your work place.
There isnt much to it, and no one to argue with. Its simple really.

Delivery on time. If you cant, send an extension. If that is also not possible, cancel the order, and have the client re-order when you are able to do what is promised on your gig.

Anything other than that, and you are simply allowing clients to act as they please, take the work and cancel sometimes as well…

Instead of fighting it, go with it, and deliver only what you can and when you can :slight_smile:

Hope this helps !


I honestly completely forgot about the option that allows me to ask for more time, I have done it and both customers agreed to it.
I apologise for lighting up so fast and thanks for clarifying things for me.



You are most welcome !
Hope you can get back at it :slight_smile: