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Hi Everyone!

I’m new to Fiverr, so bear with me if this is not in the right section!

To be honest, the reason I’ve joined this awesome website is because I’m unemployed so I was hoping it could help me, at least a little bit, face some of my living expenses.

Sooo, plenty of time to work on any requests!

I’m an experienced musician, have proper audio recording equipment and software to deliver high quality tracks.

Also, check my HitRECord page, I’ve been an audio contributor since January, so you can hear some samples of what I can do:

Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and French, I created voice-overs gigs for these languages as well.

So, if you have any tips to help me get started, please leave me a comment, I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:


Welcome to fiverr! I’m also here for the same reason. Wish you luck! :slight_smile:

Welcome !! hope we can success story in here :slight_smile: