Hi everyone


Hi everyone,

I´m Dave from The Netherlands. I´m a voice over and radio DJ. My account on fiverr is activated years ago, but I have doing nothing with it. A few days ago, I´m started seriously with Fiverr. The past days created my gigs, and finished my first order. Right now I´m waiting for new orders :slight_smile:

I’m read this forum for useful tips and tricks. Have a nice day guys!



Hallo Dave.
Good luck with your gigs, and yes, the forum is very useful and fun as well.
Have a great day yourself!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi everybody, this is my first time. Joined almost three weeks ago trying to get settled in and hopefully I will get my first gig. Good in research, essays and rewrites. Happy New Year’s!


Hi @audrei, December is a typically slow month for everyone; You will definitely see heightened buyer activity in January-February. :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

Pleased to meet you. I have great childhood memories associated with that name.


I am a new user recenty I open fi.ver account as graphic designer and also created two gigs, there is no sell even no enough viewer in my gigs.but why?
canl you help me any tips to increase my gig rank
@davegerrits @audrei


Hahahahahaha @silkroute :joy:


Hi Dave,

Nice to meet you. I am also new to Fiverr. Good luck on your sales.


@crystaldayton Thank you! I’m now 7 a 8 weeks active with gigs on fiverr. The sales is reasonably had 9 orders total, from november to today.

Nice to meet you to :slight_smile:


I have been on since october but didn’t really try hard now I am working on it a lot more.