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Hi family,You have a new member here

Sir i see you have a big experience in this platform and i want to ask you a question about these researches and where i will find costumers?

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I am not going to do your work for you. If you know who you are seeking to sell to – if you’ve done your market research, than it shouldn’t be too hard to determine where those target customers can be found. You are the freelancer who is building a business around your services. It is your responsibility to do your own market research.

If you don’t understand what market research is, then I encourage you to Google it, and read the articles that are presented to you.


Thank you so much for your help Sir and i will work hard and do my homework, sorry for interrupting and thank you for your time :heart::heart::pray::pray:

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Thank you so much sir.

Thank you so much miss

Thank you so much sir.I will try my best sir.Please pray for me.

Welcome too then brother.

I am good And thank you.
Hope you are also doing well

Thank you so much for your good wishes.

Welcome too then.Stay safe and thank you.

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HY everyone, i’m also newbie here…
hope u all are fine and doing well…

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We both on the same place.
Me too is a new comer here!!!

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HI , I’m new seller on fiverr. Excited for giving services and help to ppl in this lockdown time on there special days. Be safe stay healthy. :hugs:

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Welcome to Fiverr community, sadia. Enjoy!

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Thank you .
Stay safe

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