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Hi fellow freelancers, nice to meet you all / Salam kenal semuanya (Indonesian)

Hello, My name’s Deni, and I’m new to Fiverr. I’m from Indonesia and I’d like to offer my service on this platform (translation, transcription and proofreading) from English to Indonesian or vice versa. I have my bachelor’s degree in English Teaching and I’m currently working as an English teacher. Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks.


Welcome to the forum community :heart:

It is pleasure to know. Welcome to fiverr forum.
Wish you the best of luck.

Thanks mate, nice to meet you. :smiley:

Thanks mate, the pleasure is mine. Nice to meet you. :smiley:

Nice to meet you too.

Welcome! nice to meet you

Welcome to the forum community​:heart::heart::heart::heart:

welcome to fiverr…

Hi, a pleasure to meet you too. :smiley:

Thank you mate, nice to meet you. :smiley:

Thanks mate, nice to meet you. :smiley: