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Hi fiverr forum....!


Fiverr is a very grateful earning website and its like as whole life job .Thank You so much Fiverr


can you tell your experience in fiverr


Use fiverr forum on daily basis and send offer on the buyer request minimum 10 request should be on the fiverr. Thank you


:slightly_smiling_face:hey man can you tell me how can we send offer to buyers please . I am new in fiverr so i do not know :confused: you help me .


Why do you need to stay on fiverr forum daily?


Open buyer request folder and then click on the send offer and write on the message “yes can I do” if buyer request requirements completed understood… Thank you


For ranked the fiverr website. Thank you


@struggl That’s wrong advice. Staying active on the forum wouldn’t have any affect on your fiverr ranking.


Why are you questioning me if you have better experience


Because I was hoping that you had different explanation that I might be not aware :wink:

Anyway it’s better not to mislead people if you are not sure


But impression and views clicks are increased :face_with_hand_over_mouth: