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Hi Fiverr Friends: I’m very new as a gig se

Hellow ,i am Mehjabin .i am highly specialist i am not getting any orders .please help me…


At fast, you create 7 gigs. Then you publish social media. Active always Fiverr and must 6 hrs active Fiverr forum. :crossed_fingers:thanks.


Ooh, 6 hours now! Last time you said 12 hours.

Hey, at least that’s 6 hours closer to 0, which is how long you need to stay on the Forum to get orders!

Once again, as almost all the experienced sellers on the Forum have said, staying active on the Forum won’t get you any orders!

Also, as a seller with only 1 review, why are you giving advice to newbies?


Your advice is really not helping out, stop giving new sellers such advise please. Thanks

Thanks for your most valuable advice…

His advice is NOT valuable. It’s false and it won’t help you get any orders! Instead, check out the “Tips For Sellers” category for some useful tips.

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ok ,you are so kind thank you so much…