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Hi Fiverr friends, is this normal?


I have a gig up offering to record a short video as long as you send me a script.

Somebody has bought my gig and basically sent me a script about saying ho I used to be a woman but transformed into a man and that drinking crows milk makes me feel more masculine.

Is this the norm around here? Many thanks.


Thanks for the reply, its showing that he has paid and the work is due in under 20 hours, If its for a personal laugh or his own enjoyment I dont mind doing it as long as thats as far as such a ridicous video would go.

He sent me the script, if i read it out word for word is there any way he can try and cancel the order after I provide him with the work? The reason I ask is such a ridiculous order would make me question the authenticity of the person and I dont want to do the work then not get a completed sale.

Thanks for the help.


Well your gig does say

This is for proper businesses or else anybody having proper fun.

I guess it falls under fun category :slight_smile:
It’s up to you how you wish to handle it, but in the future I would recommend putting a disclaimer in your gig description that before ordering they should send you the script.

In theory, if you deliver as promised then he can’t cancel. However, if you keep reading this forum then chargeback is always an option and Fiverr usually doesn’t do much about it.


Once again thanks for the reply, and yes you right it does say as fun, I was thinking more fun as in wishing somebody a happy birthday or something along them lines but each to their own I suppose.

I will deliver the gig word for word, as I am new here I just wanted to ask on forum.

Once again many thanks for the reply’s :slight_smile:


PS. You might wish to review your word count. Did you really mean 1 word?

Description says ignore it, but how many read that? I didn’t, at first :stuck_out_tongue:
You might as well deliver 2 sentence story and as buyer I can only blame myself for being so stupid to pay for it. You’d probably have more luck if you set at least a minimum word count.


Thanks for the feedback, I will change it later on today.


I have edited the gig, I appreciate the tips and feedback, Many thanks, Steve.


I’d love to find out how you milk a crow! :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed. The buyer must be a fan of Gary Larson (“The Far Side”). Is that kind of humour.