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Hi Fiverr! (Newbie Questions)

Hey everyone!

I’m new to this site, and it looks really cool! Useful or just bizarre services… many things I would never have thought to buy are right here! However, it looks extremely difficult to sell well here as there is much competition. But oh well!

Anyway, I would like to get acquainted with this site, I’ve poked around some pages and checked out some cool gigs, but there is still a lot I don’t know, and I’ve got a few questions.

First of all, what’s the difference between clicks and views on your gig?
How can you contact someone who doesn’t have any gigs on their page?
Also, can you offer a trade instead of selling one item and buying another?

Thanks all for the help!

~Nic (NinjaNic)

  • Not exactly sure about the clicks and views, but I think clicks is when someone really clicks and checks out your gig while views is when someone casually scrolls in a page where your gig is included (ex: someone types in logo and your logo gig was on that page as he scrolled down but he didn’t click on it)
  • You cannot contact someone who does not have gigs on their page unless they have contacted you first or was a seller previously
  • Not sure what you mean by trade, everything here starts at $5, doing trades I’m not sure how that will work.

Thanks for getting back to me! From what I’ve heard of, you’re describing “impressions,” I think. And I didn’t think you could trade on this site anyway. Oh well, could have been a neat feature.