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Hi fiverr senior





Things I like:

  1. You’re using a photo of yourself
  2. Your profile description reads pretty well
  3. Your portfolio contains your own work and not pictures of templates

Things to work on:

  1. Change “dear sir/mum” to “dear sir/ma’am”.
  2. Format your gig description. It lets you down. It reads more like a poem. Remember, always use capital letters after a period. Always include a space after a comma. The pronoun “I” is always capitalized, as are names. Don’t randomly start a new paragraph in the middle of a sentence.


Sara, sorry for disturbing you, can you just evaluate my gigs and give some tips to do…! I am very disappointed because I didn’t get any order yet. Wating for your answer and thanks in advance.


Hello @alvy_khan
I have also gone through your profiles. I don’t have any new suggestions for you but what @sara19841 has said.

Good Luck


She does not reply yet… If everything okay then why I do not get any order!



It’s very hard to get your first sale on any marketplace. Beside your skills, your luck is very essential to get your order. So, don’t stop your trying and of course keep patience on almighty. Hope, you will get your first sale soon.

Good Luck


Thank you for your kind information, keep me in your prayer.


SEO is a very tough niche. The big boys dominate the market.

Your gig has lots of potential. The only thing I would suggest is to make it clearer as to how your buyer benefits from purchasing your gig. At the moment, it’s not entirely clear how you’ll really help someone.

In your keywords gig, for example, you only make one small mention of the fact your gig will help increase the buyer’s site ranking. The rest is just a list of features.

Work out exactly how the buyer benefits from your gig, then describe how you’ll go about ensuring the buyer gets these benefits.

For example, you might say… I will provide you with 100 long-tail keywords. These keywords will help you rank higher on Google, reach a wider audience, and make more money. I use state-of-the-art software to find keywords with very low competition. This means, regardless of your budget size, you’ll be able to able to achieve favourable search engine rankings QUICKLY – often within a month of two.

Once your site has ranked highly, you’ll then see a 20% increase in social shares and revenue (on average).

I have 5 years experience working as an SEO consultant, in which time I’ve helped over 200 people just like you achieve PR of 5 or higher. Noteable clients include… Blah blah blah.

You see how being concrete about what you’ll deliver is more attractive than saying “I’ll do X, Y, Z… Buy now”? Nobody buys features, they buy what features will do for them.


Ideally, you can be EVEN more specific than I just was, because I don’t really know anything about SEO.


hello,i hope you will be fine dear senior
I was wondering if you could checked out my Gigs.And give me some possible recommendation according to your well experience in fiver through which i can increase my sales.I shall be very thankful to you…


I’m no expert! I’m only sharing my thoughts, so everybody take them with a pinch of salt.

I did check out your gigs, and I would suggest formatting your gig descriptions. They’re REALLY hard to read. Lots of bold, lots of underline, no spacing after paragraphs. I think if I were a buyer, I would probably just click to the next seller.

I do like how your friendliness come across in your profile though. That’s a really big plus.


Ok thank you so much for your information,So what should i do furthermore.I mean what kind of changes should i bring in it
or should i summarise my description.Can you tell me what you think


Get rid of most of the bold and the highlighting. Only save it for a phrase or two.

Add in white space to make your descriptions easier to read. After each paragraph (each completed thought), leave a whole line of blank space. Kind of like what I’m doing here.


Ok thank you so much.Anyway what about my portfolio is it right


Said very well and I must say you just open my eyes. I’m a student of marketing professionals I know these things very well but I don’t know why I forgot to add these things to my gig…!


Thank you so much for sharing your views… @sara19841


sara thanks for you help.