Hi fiverr team, What is user description?


just now i got 5 mails from fiverr

with the same message as the following:

Hi XX,

We noticed your user description contained a URL or contact / personal information. Please re-write your user description without this information. If you wish to display samples of your work, you may use links to flickr (for photos, illustrations, and graphics) or YouTube (for video, audio, and animation). All communications regarding ordering, delivery, and payments, must be completed exclusively through fiverr.com.


The Fiverr Team .

i really thx for fiverr team

but i don’t know where to change and what to chagne.

what is the user description? can you show me the link or the scan file? so that i can fully understand where the problem is and what to change.

does the user description mean the instruction i give to the buyer?

thx and best regards!


really? ok thx i got it