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Hi Fiverr, You Cost Me a Client

I had a buyer cancel today. The cancellation had nothing to do with me. The buyer was even kind enough to explain - briefly and in general terms - what happened. The problem was Fiverr customer service and their inability to provide good customer service. As a seller, that is unacceptable to me. A platform that I work through should be dependable and should offer a level of service that ensures buyers stay buyers. This situation was outside of my control, but it was not outside of your control, Fiverr. If you have system issues then you need to address them and if a fix is delayed you need to make it clear to buyers that the issue is being addressed. I see a lot of repeat problems in these forums that should be taken care of and are not, so I have do doubt that in my buyer’s case, Fiverr was at fault. One example is the inability to provide a partial refund to buyers if a partial refund is necessary. It is fine that the Seller cannot do that. If the seller reaches out to CS there is no reason YOU cannot do that.

Please improve your customer service. The complaints are not just rants on the forums. They are also money that we sellers (and therefore you, interestingly enough) are not receiving.

I’ve had it several times. Several. There is no point to having customer service if they cannot do a 24-48 hour turnaround because many/most of the technical issues require that level of service or else the buyer quits/gets angry/downrates you.