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Hi folks! Newbie here, stoked to get started

Hi folks!

New here to Fivver, a friend of mine introduced me to the website and told me he found all sorts of neat “gigs” and was considering making his own Fivver service - which caught my interest. I’m a veteran iOS and Android developer, and I figured Fiverr would be a good place to help out small time folks and businesses get a simple smartphone application set up! So here’s the kicker - I know its “Fiverr”, however, app development isnt a walk in the park, so I would like to charge more if possible using the gig extras (which I know don’t unlock until level 1). Just to confirm - in order for me to succeed here, is Fiverr forcing me to create 10 apps for 5 dollars each until I can reach the first level? Or is there something I might be missing? Any tips, advice, or any suggestions at all are more than appreciated.

I’m stoked to be making my first post in this community and look forward to a shared journey, (even if I have to offer ridiculously cheap services to get started here!) :slight_smile:

Happy Wednesday.


Welcome to Fiverr :slight_smile:

"Is Fiverr forcing me to create 10 apps for 5 dollars each until I can reach the first level? "

Nope, not at all. My first order was for 6 gigs.

It’s good if you can offer at least “something” for $5 though. Like I used to offer 60 seconds of video initially, and now 30 seconds of video for $5.

Welcome to Fiverr iosandroid!

You can ask your client to order more gigs. I did one illustration for 4X5$ gig’s.

Just communicate with your buyer and ask if they are willing to pay more.

Hope this helps.


Hi guys.

Thanks for the response - great suggestions!

Unfortunately, I edited my description a little and my gig went into “pending”, and it’s been pending for days now, weird. Any advice? I have setup several Gigs with high quality descriptions and images, but no hits on them so far either. Any advice would be more than welcome, and thanks again @pictureduke and @xpertmarketer!