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Hi, folks! What's up?

Hello everybody, my name is Michela! I am 28 and i am from Sardinia, the 2nd biggest island of Mediterranean Sea, located between Italy and Spain.
I am a very friendly person and here in Fiverr i will share my experience as a Social Media Manager and Marketer.
Before starting this new career, i was a chef helper and i did extras in restaurants, bars and othe stuff like cleaning services etc.
Any advice for a better experience here on Fiverr?

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Yes I recommend that you read through Fiverr’s blog and listen to their podcast.

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i dont now opps:roll_eyes:

Welcome. Check this out for how to get off to a great start on Fiverr:


Hi Michela welcome! I’m very surprise and happy to meet a lot of Italians here. I live between Verona and Rome and 1 week ago I have decide to begin this adventure on Fiverr. I’m a writer.
So, my suggest is: listen, ask and read more and more. You can find many section for became a very good seller. This is the first step. For all the rest… Good luck!

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