Hi, Freelancer, blogger or a developer? Would one like a high-speed server for your work? Windows RDP


We provide Very Strong Dedicated IP with Guranteed Whitelist .
fibre uplinks to guarantee a 99.99% uptime…
We provide each and every single client a 24x7 support service…
All of our servers are crypted with tuff firewall. So there is no tension of been hacked or teased.
Our aim to provide quality services at affordable prices.We deal with various services like Dedicated servers, windows RDP, VDS etc.?
We set servers in such a way that each server can work smoothly without any interruption. Each and every server is divided on equal load. Moreover each server consist of maximum 10 users, so there is no chances of freezing in servers.
Available Locations
China (Qingdao)
China (Beijing)
China (Zhangjiakou)
China (Shanghai)
US East (Virginia)
Hong Kong
Middle East (Dubai)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)
China (Hangzhou)
Germany (Frankfurt)
Asia Pacific (Japan)
US West (Silicon Valley)