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Hi friends, I am new here. Pls Support

I am a new seller on Fiverr, Please guide me to move ahead. Please check my profile and if anything to change let me know: I am a fashion modelling photographer… i edit photos also.


Try to active as much as possible so that buyers can reach you!


try to share your gig as mutch as posssible :grinning:


@riatheangle for sending proper buyer request go to that link


My advice for you, @riyatheangel, would be to change your profile picture. It is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to misrepresent yourself, and I am not sure Gemma Arterton would appreciate you using her image for your commercial purposes without permission. How would you feel if someone stole your image and used it to advertise for something you did not agree to?

@royal_hossain - please stop linking to that terrible site and giving advice that is in violation of the ToS. If you follow those “tips,” you will be banned in no time. Please spend some time in the forum reading posts from sellers who have an actual proven track record.


oh Sorry . I totally forgot it :grin:

Welcome and best wishes :blush:

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Welcome and best wishes… :blush:

@vibronx thanks for remember it again bro

welcome to the fiverr community

you need to boost your accounts with some social media shear! expecting organic sales in 2020 will rarely happen, just in case you are looking to get some sales?

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