Hi Friends, I am new to fiverr


My First gig going good way but some express orders are canceled after 2 days because late. Now I haven’t Orders rate is going down. How can I remove negative feedback. :-((


Contact costumer support and explain your situation, but if you failed to deliver on time, they probably wont do much for you. I’m not sure though, give it a try.



Express gigs can be very rewarding since they get more exposure from their own link and section, but yet, you have to bring your A game as far as delivering them. Nerve-racking, but again, rewarding.


it is always nice to have that extra bux or having super fast delivery! as your comment

but working under the pressure of having to deliver in the next few minutes can really be a kill business.

here’s what i say you do.

if you can’t handle the express gig, remove it for now

instead use the orders coming in to build your muscle

get 2 or 3 customers that have ordered more than once from you (it shows an indication that they like you) and just say something nice to them.

you would also want to tell them to give you a little bit of word of mouth.

hope sales start climbing again.


Reply to @madmoo: I have an express gig that takes me 5 minutes to deliver and from a 24 hour period, that’s acceptable. You are right. Newbies should stay away from offering express gigs until they get the hang of maybe 2 day gigs, but if it takes only a few minutes to deliver and not that much work, I recommend them to anyone.


Ups and downs must positively taken to consideration…Stop worrying…try to add new gigs and gain your rate back…If you feel like you don’t get orders then whenever something pops up which you can do in that green side space for gig searching people…try contacting them…


Remember if you can’t get it removed you can always just get loads more thumbs up to make it better! That or start again with a new gig, but remember you can only improve your score in some cases you will not be able to remove thumbs down.


Once you list a 24 hour gig and get one sale that is delivered on time, you will be rewarded with EXPRESS GIG STATUS on that gig, however if you have an Express gig that has been late even once, you will lose your Express Gig Status so make sure that if you have a 24 hour delivery promised in your listing that you ALWAYS deliver on time.


Reply to @deaun1: I have 3 Express gigs. Stressful but rewarding!