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Hi Friends, Im new - No idea how to search jobs - Please Help!

Hi Friends
Im new, created my first Gig few weeks back. but still search how to find a job or how to search a job in fiverr. Could you guys anyone help me !!!
Thank you in advance.


This new seller advice may be helpful to you:

Set goals, and work hard to achieve them. This is how any seller becomes successful. Good luck!



Welcome on Fiverr.

I want to give you some advice I found helpful.

  • It would help if you reconsidered your username. Indeed dxnfvr is not a name that feels human. As buyers are humans who need to link somehow with the seller, they will unconsciously prefer to deal with a seller named John123 or Helena_OP rather than rftoxv. Does it make sense?

  • To make your gig rank better, you can take courses on learn from Fiverr. By taking and completing a lesson (from free to more or less $90), your gig will rank better because you prove your commitment to Fiverr to deliver high-quality services by self-educate yourself.

  • To find jobs, you can answer buyer requests in the “more” part when you are logged on your profile.

  • A simple tip for your gig is to add a picture of you on your gig presentation. It is helpful for the same reason as for your user name. Buyers want to feel they are dealing with humans too.

Good luck!

Orders will come.
Make sure you also answer quickly whenever a potential buyer send you a message.



I am also new here.
I would love to share what the fellow members have shared with me regarding your concern.

  • To never give up.

  • Keep on publishing gigs.

  • Stay online and spend most of the time reading.

  • Create an impressive profile.

  • You can make an auto reply for buyers, so that they get an initial response right away.

Best of luck. :smiley:

There are limits to the number of gigs any seller can create.

Remaining online all the time will not guarantee more orders.

I am unaware of any such automated messaging feature. You still need to take the time to respond to every user who sends you a message, even if you use a preformated message.

Thanks @jonbaas
These were the tips which i got from different members.
I am also finding how to create an automated reply for potential buyers :laughing:

Frankly, i believe there is nothing that can guarantee more orders.

But my intention to post here was just to help and not misguide anyone.

Thank you once again for your guidance.
Much appreciated

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There are no automated responses in the messaging system. If someone sends you a message, you will have to send a manual reply. That’s how the messaging system works.

That is a noble intention. However, as I noted in my previous comment, you were actually misguiding people. You are a brand new seller, this month (July 2020). It is understandable that you do not yet know how Fiverr works. Perhaps you might find it more beneficial to become familiar with the site yourself, before trying to offer advice to other new sellers, such as yourself.

Please keep in mind too, offering advice here on the forums, will not make you more successful on the rest of the site. Participation on this forum is not connected to the site success of your gigs.