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Hi,gays check this

If you check my i will check your gig…ple: comments…

“Hi,gays check this”

So… You only want gays to check out your gig?

Nothing bad with that, I’m just really not sure that’s what you meant.


To be honest, (I of course might be wrong) but your portfolio doesn’t look that strong and not sure if people would pay 300$ for that. You are competing with a lot of other designers that are working in your style for 5$. And all you are showcasing is just icons not even a proper logos (and nothing we’re people can see full brand identity as you are advertising)
On top of that I can see that your images are also not properly cropped for fiverr format and that might make buyers think that this is the quality you will provide for them.


Thanks for your good advise…

I would suggest you widen your audience to incorporate all sexualities just to open up the market for yourself :stuck_out_tongue: