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Hi good people! Joined recently


Hi guys, I am a professional video compositor, editor, and 3D animator. I recently joined Fiverr and I am hoping to make some $$$ here. The academy and forum have been a great help so far. Any more tips to get me started? I hope to make my first sale very soon.

Thanks all!


And look! You’ve already got your first order. :slight_smile:

You are in a great category to get a lot of orders on Fiverr. And I happen to need a go-to person in that category, so you’re off and running.


Hi @selfors

Thanks a bunch! I am honored to have you as my first client on fiverr :slight_smile: I have a feeling this will be a great experience. Thanks again!


Welcome. Congratulations on your first order … and best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Fiverr @opondos12 This is an awesome place to work. There is a lot of work in your niche so I know you will be smilling all the way to the bank very soon. Just focus on giving your best.


Thanks a lot for the warm welcome.


@ronhi85 thanks, this is an awesome place to be and expound on my creativity. : smile: