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Hi, Greeting from China

Hi guys,

I’m Rosemary. I was born in north of China. Now living in Shanghai for a few years.
Yesterday typhoon was passed by, today its weather is still hot, yep.

Like playing badminton.

Wish you have a nice day.


Mainland China can visit fiverr without VPN ? That’s good.

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Actually we still need vpn to know more about the world.

Thank you for your message.


I see, so how China seller receive payment, using PayPal?

As you know, I’m quite a green hand.:smile:
Even I don’t know how to find the buyers for my skills…

I didn’t reach that step till now.
My heart really want to know…


I would suggest you change the gig image to something like Chinese to English or vise versa, or simply put your own pretty photo with your face, since you’re a women and it’s easier get attention.

Share your gig link on social network on daily basic and wait.

I actually lived in Hong Kong for a decade and just moved back to my home country last year. Good Luck for your sales!

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I just read a passage about tips for seller’ gig cover.
The writher’s suggest is the opposite.

I’ll try your tips.
One point that I’m concern is that my ex-boss is on the facebook etc…, it will make me embarrassed. And I don’t have many followers on socials medias like twitter, FB…

Welcome to Shanghai.
It’s a big market for foreigners job.

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I don’t think anyone should prevent you from doing your business. No one really cares, and being embarrassed to share your gigs just because your ex-boss is on Facebook is kind of out of sorts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah. I agree. 50% your opinion is right.
My previous job is blockchain line. If you want to build a reliable impression, you have to cut something-which is not relevant.

Thank you for your idea. It pushes me.

Hi to China. And welcome to the forum, Rosemary!

If you can provide good Chinese to English translation, that should be a good niche on Fiverr, there are many translators who get English texts to translate to their respective languages that have originally been translated from Chinese.

I would recommend setting up an extra gig for Amazon listing translation, with the relevant keywords in gig description, tags, and especially gig title, so buyers would find your gig easier when using search.

As one reads, new sellers now don’t see as many buyer requests when starting, so it’s more important that buyers can find you easily when searching for keywords than ever.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Hi Miiila,

Thank you so much.
That you give so much great information. I don’t hear Amazon- we also can provide the gig.

I will try that.

hi rosemary i am form pakistan and now i am living in islamabad and i am aslo love badminton

Rosemary now i am done HSK Level 2 u know abut the HSK???

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Yeah I know it. Just like IELTIS and TOEFL?

Hi,rosemary. I am Ashikur Rahman from Bangladesh. I am living in Dhaka. I love to play Cricket.

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Actually Shanghai is too hot. People really don’t want to go outside to work.
If I do exercise often, i wouldn’t be so fat. Hahahaha…

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Really rosemary2028…

Welcome , Hove you have fun and good luck for your job . Bangkok is raining now

welcome to fiverr :heart_eyes::sunny:
wish you all the best

welcome on board:tada: