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Hi 😊 greetings! Lets Introduce!


Hello Everyone! :grinning:

I’m Mamunur Rashid. I abide in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to get acquainted with you. Let’s introduce. :smile:

Really, I’m am very glad to be able to write this topic here.



My name is majid ali
im from lahore, pakistan.
thats good to be acquainted


Pleased to meet you @majed786 :grinning: Thank you…


some time when i read topics in forum… read many replies .i also seen your replies too.
you doing very appreciating here.
keep it up.


As much as I know, I try to help. Thank you so much for your Inspiration. I’ll try my best.


Hi everyone, I am Anand Sharma from Kolkata India.

Glad to be here.


Hi @anandsharma433 … nice to meet you. Kolkata is near from Bangladesh.


Yes, @mamun793 It is near. I have some friends in Bangladesh.


wow… May be you have heard the name of the places Jessore, Benapole.


Yes I did, Have you ever been to Kolkata ?


@anandsharma433 Once I went to Murshidabad. :slight_smile: But, I’m willing to go there in future.


Hello @rasheduzzamanco :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
I am Shalini Singh from Bangalore India.


Hi @shalini2434 :grinning: Nice to meet you. :grinning: Thank’s for your reply.


Yey this is my first post here. I finally decided to join the party :slight_smile:


Hi @adrianseo88 :grinning:
I am very proud, you have made your first post on my topic. Thank’s for being here. See you soon. - MAMUNUR RASHID


Hi everone I am ammar from Pakistan


Pleased to meet you @ammar1378


Hi, Charles AKA Invincer here :slight_smile:

I have been away 2 years and am just now coming back; so I feel like a NEW seller in every way myself.


Well said @invincer1 :smiley:
Thank You and Welcome back.