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Hi guys....i am new can i get order from buyers as a new seller


Hi guys…i am new here…how can i get order from buyers as a new seller


You can reach out to your target customers and encourage them to hire you.


thanks for your kind information!


You are welcome to fiverr community , Almost all seller here received their first order has a miracle, this is because then we are tag new seller, believe of most buyer is that has a new seller your professional experience on your niche is low and probably wont handle their project to satisfaction.My advise for you is this, remain active on the forum, ask relevance question , visit your buyer request and make your self available, never sound like a novice with your buyer convinced him/her that you are tag new seller doesnt mean you are new in your profession.You most always take all your project very serious and avoid all rate that is below 5.0. I wish you best of luck. Thanks


thank you so much for your important kind information…


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You will find lots of great tips and information in the above.