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Hi Guys! I am new here ... Want your help

Hi there. I have heard a lot about this forum and thats why I am here … Guys I need your help, actually I am worked on fiverr almost 3 years ago and then left it down but now I am again here and facing problems because of mighty crowd on fiverr … I need customers for graphics works . If anyone has any better solution or tip kindly share … Thankyou


We’re not going to help you obtain customers – that’s part of YOUR job as a freelancer. You need to be willing to do the hard work, the research, and the advertising necessary to build up your costumer base.

You might find other sellers here on Fiverr that will do some of that for a price, but asking us, here on the forums, to make you successful, give you a step-by-step process, or tell you what to do is not something we can help you with.

Businessmen need to run their own businesses (unless they outsource that work to other firms or professionals). There is no easy route to success here on Fiverr.


Dear Jonbass I am just asking for better tips . I already uploaded 6 gigs and almost 3 months on fiverr but the customers are not attracting to my side …
I only need good tips or tricks …

If you need “better tips”, please take the time to read the many tips offered in the “Tips For Sellers” forum. Or, take the time to read the great articles in the Fiverr Academy. YOU have the ability to research and learn what you need to learn in order to be successful here on Fiverr. We are not going to do everything for you. Your success is your responsibility.

There is no easy path to success here on Fiverr. You will need to learn, research and work hard to EARN your sales. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Hard work is required, and you’re going to have to figure out and decide what hard work you wish to pursue.


okay … I’ll check …

Agree with @jonbaas .


Hello support i need a game sample