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Hi guys, I need help please

Hi guys, I have a question. Someone just message me and asked can I do a work for her, so I said yes based on what she show me of what she wants. But then this someone didn’t place an order, should I ask her/him to place an order first so I can work on the job or is it a pushover and just wait for this person to order? Thanks guys

Send her an offer via message.

Do not do the work prior to the order…inbox the buyer to place the order and send a custom quote to the buyer…

Just tell her to place an order. Believe me, this frustrates me to no end.

Hi! When someone messages you, always figure out how much their job will cost them (for example, if you edit 1000 words for $5 and they send you a sample with 2000 words, then the job will cost them $10) and soon they need it and then send them a custom order.

This happens to me too and I have those who ask question after question and still haven’t ordered, and those who order right away. Don’t even worry at all! it’s part of the process.

And I agree with divyagoel, NEVER do the work first. Make them order. And don’t do free samples.

Best of luck! Carrie :slight_smile:

try to send an offer.
best of luck!

Thank you Carrie! :blush:

Thank you Carrie! :blush: