HI Guys. I want to increase my traffic Kindly see if there is any thing wrong in my GIGS Thnx alot


Guys these are my two GIGS. I have worked really hard on them but i dont know what is wrong there is not much views and I got only 1 order till now. Kindly see my GIGS and tell me what are the changes i must do.

I need your help GUYS, Any advice in this regard would be highly appreciated.

This is my profile : https://www.fiverr.com/mohsin05

And these are my two GIGS




I don’t appreciate you stealing my gig picture.


add extras to your GIG, add more eye catching previous work to your GIG. and try to do video and add it also. then you can start publish your GIG.in on

Share it with social media site.

Try to do SEO.

Try to in on-line mode.

You have 10 offer per day. so use that. ( click buyer request and sent them to your offer )


All the best.


Thanks alot friends :slight_smile:


Reply to @mnsartstudio: Yeah buddy I never thought about the 10 offers before. Thanks a lot man :slight_smile:


Reply to @wegotshoutouts: wegotshoutouts I use the GIG picture from my blog that is 2 years old . It was three months back when i updated the GIG but your GIG is new. I think we you get the PIC from the google

so nothing to get panic as I have removed the GIG. You can use my stuff - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/237962#Comment_237962


Reply to @mohsin05: You are welcome brother…


Reply to @mohsin05: did you purchase the rights to the photo you are using on your gig? Just taking photos from google is not an ok thing to do. Unless it’s part of a creative commons license and then you have to write who the author of the photo is when you display it.

So do you own the rights to the photo or did you buy the rights to the images you are using in your gigs or not?