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Hi guys ! If a buyer didnot give me feedback on time but after few days, completion of my order


If a buyer didnot give me feedback on time but after few days, completion of my order, he wants to give me reviews but he is not finding a way where he give reviews why ?
Can any one help me where he should go to give me review.


if your order is completed i think Not possible to give you review bcz at the time he/she accept order you delivers, this the time for reviews .


Tell him to go to the top menu bar, Buying > Orders > Completed, there he should find all completed orders, can click yours and should get an option to review it.


@miiila Thank you miiila, I didn’t know that.

So the window on the order page to leave a review only stays open for 3 days? I know they can see that window as soon as the order is delivered.


I´m not sure how long it stays open, but I think when people ask this question, usually the problem is that the buyers can´t “find” the order anymore after it went to the Completed tab.
I know that it says somewhere that the tipping option stays open for 7 days, so perhaps both of those, but I don´t know, I´ve always completed the orders I made myself and didn´t let any of them autocomplete up to now.

Here it is, no, seems to be the same 30 days from what is written here, “once marked as delivered or completed”, only the buyer will have to know to go to the Completed tab, once the order “hid” there after autocompletion.

Once an order is marked as Delivered or Completed, you can provide feedback on your order. Feedback can be provided up to 30 days after the last delivery of the order. Adding feedback will automatically complete your order.

To add feedback:
Once logged in, click Buying > Orders.
Click on the order that was delivered or completed, and scroll to the bottom to provide feedback.
Ratings are based on five stars, with one being the lowest and five being the highest rating.


Oh thanks. I will try.
I hope it work.


See @miiila comment but also thanks for your review…