Hi guys. I'm here!


I’m a new user of this platform. I got persuaded to join, having been a freelance writer for many years. I hope you’d all help me to get settled well.

Somebody should check me out, please. Thanks


All the best for this journey. I hope you will get the success


Never give up brother wish you all the best :+1::100::+1::100::+1::100:


Thank you. Most appreciate.


You’re so kind. Thank you


You are welcome dear :slight_smile:


welcome. regarding best wishes.


hello, i am new also. whats up?


Good luck in your freelancing pursuit. I’m recently new on here as well. Hoping to land gigs helping people build templates they can use in their business, and such. check me out if you’d like. I been thinking of asking others to see if I priced my gigs okay. Haven’t made any orders yet. ):



I don’t want to come up as a dbag or something, but…why are you using Coleen Rooney’s photo?

That’s the English football player Wayne Rooney’s wife.

And it’s on your Fiverr profile too…