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Hi guys , im new here ,pls help me

Hello , im new to fiver and i dont know a lot how all this worka . I have got an order but i want to know have the payment works, when do i get the money and if is there any way that the buyer take the requested order and not to pay you.
Please help me .


it takes 15 days to clearance your money after order completion…

if the buyer wants to cancel the order…

Thank you ,but can you also tell how is the process of the payment , so i should deliver the order and than i get paid ?

Did the buyer placed an order? Or are you arranging the order via messages? It is important to deliver the work through an official Order.
Anyway, if the buyer ordered something via your Gigs, you will deliver the work using the Order Page and then the buyer will be able to leave - or not, if they wont’t do - a review for you.

After the delivery, it will take 14 days to withdraw your money from Fiverr to the payment method you chose.

You can also take a look at this:

I think it takes upto 15 days.

So the buyer ordered something via msg , should i send him an offer so i can continue ?

Create a custom offer for your buyer. Keep communications inside the relative Order Page and don’t deliver anything outside it.
You can get paid only if there is an active order. Keep that in mind and don’t ask/arrange payment or deliver anything via msg.

I also suggest to read carefully Fiverr’s Terms of Service, here:

welcome to fiverr. i am also new

So after i have created the custom offer , than i should start working ?
Thank tou very much for helping me

You should wait for your buyer’s order. You will get a notification and you will be able to see the ongoing order in your Dashboard.

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can you give me any tips for get order faster. i m also new

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Welcome to Fiverr Family :heart:

  1. Create your gig by doing proper research
  2. Stay online
  3. Send buyer request regularly
  4. Focus on your work
  5. Be honest
  6. keep patient
  7. Do Gig marketing on social media
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