Hi guys....Need some help


I made my account on fiverr on 18th october 2016 but got offline for quite some time because of my exams at that time. Now for about three months i have came back and have been trying to get some orders but nothing is happening even though i had three years of experience before I signed up on fiverr as seller. I was wondering whether its my gigs or my getting offline for a long time that is producing no results. If someone could have a look at my gigs i would really appretiate it and need honest suggestions. And just one other thing, it may sound stupid but what does that icon means on the profile page besides the profile photo that says either"view as a buyer" or “view as a seller”? Since Im a seller and i have a “view as a buyer” written there right now, is it ok or shall I change it?
Thanks in advanve


my profile https://www.fiverr.com/saadii2278


If you stay offline for a long time,your gig impressions become very less…that’s the main reason why you are not getting orders…It also happens to me although I’m level 2 seller…


“View as a buyer” just means how your profile would be visible to a buyer…


hmm…hope so that it gets better…any suggestions about my gigs?


I would recommend you to make more unique gigs to help gain some exposure.


Thanks for the suggestion… Appreciate it


@saadii2278 Have you tried changing something to each gig and see if it gets you new clicks & views? Even if it’s a word in your description, it should have an impact.

Also, try promoting on Twitter and use many hashtags, according to your service. It will get you views.

(a little secret: add a catchy image to your tweets, it makes people interested to find out more) :blush:


@saadii2278 I can understand how frustrating it is. Don’t worry be patient & Never Ever Give Up! :muscle:

I had a quick look at your gig and I noticed that you can improve your Gig images. Perhaps you can add a video which will attract many buyers. Search around on fiverr forum you can grab some great Tips shared by Top Rated Sellers & other successful sellers, on How to improve your Gig. Learn something new that you can offer in your gig.

Nevertheless, better to build up a good customer base on fiverr by PROVIDING EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you satisfy your customer, there is a high chance that they will become your REPEATED BUYERS & I’m sure they will recommend you for their colleagues & friends which will leads you to get more orders > more work > more Income. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Stay Positive, Work Hard & Make it Happen! :+1:


Got it…thanks a lot


Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions…


@saadii2278 You are a talented person so you can do it! So don’t ever give up! Cheers! :slight_smile:


Cheers☺…very appreciated