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Hi Guys New to Fiverr


Im here trying to figure this site out if there are any seasoned experts out there that are inclined to give any tips please let me know Im very interested in moving forward on this There are many of you that are very interesting and love to get to know you Thanks Blessings


Hi guys! I’m new to the Fiverr community and while surfing through all the newbie suggestions, I’ve yet to find how to get that first fiverr gig. I’ve made several gigs but I’m a lost on how to market in this particular arena.


Hello ,i am new ,and i don’t know how to get customers a have 2 gigs for sell ,but no one ordred me (it is because i’m new???)


In my experience so far (I’m pretty darn new, myself), there is no great secret or trick to getting orders through Fiverr ™. Other than being patient!

Make sure your gigs are something that people want, that you enjoy doing and then spread the word every way you can - without spamming all over the place. Use your social networks - including YouTube, post your gig(s) in the “My Gigs” section of this forum and take some time to read through the “Tips for Sellers” threads. Post a link in my “I’ll Advertise…” thread and I’ll promote you through my website, Twitter and Facebook for free. Some other Fiverr ™ folks will do that too.

If you’re really anxious to get the ball rolling, do what works for every other freelancer or small business in the world: throw some money at it. Pay other Fiverr ™ sellers to make videos or promote your profile/gigs in other ways.

Best of Luck!