Hi guys!


I was just wondering that how many same types of gig can i offer on fiverr??


thanks great advice and terrific gigs.


one question more can you please tell me that making your gig express can it lead to more sales?? and the number of sales i make over there will it improve my listing in that column??


Reply to @madmoo: thanks again


Reply to @ak_designer:

While MadMoo’s observation and warning about getting familiar before getting ahead of yourself with “Express Delivery” is wise counsel. I want to answer your question.

It used to more obviously lead to more sales when there was a clear and easy filter to search for “Express Gigs”. It is not longer available or obvious how to search that way.

Having said that, the saying goes: “Time is Money” so especially if you have a business related gig. Having a short delivery time will let folk be more inclined to order from you than someone who has 10 days delivery windows.

Does that make sense?


yes it does sir and thank you for the advice.