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Hi guysss i also want to be like other good sellers with many orders! : )

hi guyss dododore01 here i want to know how to get many buyer and some tips for me and my gigs please visit my gig and tell me what is lacking for me to have not much buyers please help me

my gig for lyric videos :

my gig for invitation cards :

my gig for business cards :

my gig over all :

please comment and help me out i beg you buyers…


If you beg, you will get people remembering your profile, but not in a good way. You see, if you beg for sales, in the long term you will see a decrease of traffic on your gigs, and this is because of begging for sales.

If you want sales, here are the tips:

  • Look at buyer requests and try to correctly punctuate your paragraph when your sending them your “first impression”. You’ll need to make sure they think that they can trust you because if you don’t really have the best grammar and punctuation then they will try to look for someone else for the job.
  • If you get a message, try to be less needy and try to ask them what they want, and how they want it. Then make sure you don’t pressurise them into buying our gigs. Make sure you always stay happy as well, you won’t get customers if you use inappropriate language, and all other things that will distaste the reader.

These are my tips. Stay happy, be happy and always remember, if you follow these tips, you will go far! (there are more tips but those are the main ones!).

Jack S.


I have looked at your gigs as well. They look fine to me because you do already have 3 reviews, this means that you’re on the verge of getting more sales, get about 1 / 2 more sales and then you will get noticed more, this is what a user called Chloee5 has done, they started off with 3 and now has 8+ sales and has been on Fiverr a shorter time than me and I have 1 sale and 0 reviews (a bit sad really xD) but I don’t let that stop me, I go to the buyer requests and keep on sending messages out everyday. You should too.

Good luck, you’ll go far,
Jack S.

thank you jackwrites35!!! :smile:

Nice comment. I too have being finding it quite challenging making headway on Fiverr.

Hi Jack, I also have 1 sale and 0 reviews I have been on Fiverr for a while now, please could you also help me take a look at my gig with a view of and tell me where I am getting it wrong?


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hi!!! :slight_smile:

really nice to your all gig

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thanks youuuuu :slight_smile: