Hi have a nice day all of you. i want your help


i already done for my box design.

This is a my inbox : Madu, Hi. The box Company has responded and they have three requests before they can print the box. Die-line and Artwork must be in separate layers and some artwork is showing some lines from the die-line and will be printed with those lines.

i can understand what is it.
after i already for new work file send to her with out dieline err.

second inbox : The Box company said sent me a few hours ago the message: " Hi … Received, however I believe it is the same file as I do not see any changes.
last time i send it this image with all file again

what i do i can not understand what is the problem?
Thank you for help
best regards


any one here? i don’t know what to do my buyer is waiting.


Tell your buyer what changes you made, and make sure you’re not delivering the same file twice.

I always name my files Whatever2.doc after a revision.


Thank you for reply . my second delivery name is goldcreeck6inone my 3rd delivery name is gooldcreekbox. i mean new name new file. my buyer only one text for me there is dieline err.


I hope you can fix this situation. If you can’t, you might have no choice but to refund the order.

It happens, sometimes it’s impossible to understand what the client wants. Either he’s not communicating clearly or you’re not understanding him.

You can always ask questions, even use resolution center to solicit an extension, but only do it if you have hopes of fixing this problem.

Good luck.


this order is already approval. my client don’t know whats the dielines only her send me printing office reply. but there is no problem dieline. thats is a problem. i can not contact printing office it’s a fiverr rules.
thank you for support.
good luck to you