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Hi! Hola! I am new. Soy nueva!


Hello everyone. I want some tips and get my first client. Visit my Gig, :hugs:


Buenas Tardes! Hi, welcome to fiverr.

A few quick tips:

  • Write an about me on your profile, if you only do transcription and translate. Perhaps say something like “I specialize in Transcription and Translation” …
  • Go check out the Buyer Request Tab under selling and see if any projects interest you.
  • Respond to every new message within 24 hrs.
  • Visit the forums and click the search if you have questions but don’t know where to find the answer.
    Such as “Where is the Buyer Request Tab” and there’s likely to be someone who asked/ answered the question.
  • If you’re having issues with a gig, a buyer or the site in general Contact Support and they get back within 24hrs.

Good Luck! Hope you enjoy working on the platform.