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Hi! How are you?

Hi, I’m new to the forum.
Not so much to Fiverr, since I have actually been selling for more than 3 months now and it’s working fine.
I do mainly web scraping / data mining / bots and give advice on it.

Hope you are all doing well.


I am fine and you? Welcome to fiverr forum community.

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I’m fine as well, thank you for asking and commenting :slightly_smiling_face:

@patrick_klein welcome to fiverr

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Hi. Doing good. How are you?

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patrick_klein I am Also fine . how are you ? welcome in fiver

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Thanks :slight_smile:
For your complement

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And I am a new seller infiverr

Good to hear! Fine, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! Still pretty good.

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Then I wish the best of luck with getting started! :four_leaf_clover: