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Hi How i get more orders ,My gig is still unique and attractive

Hi i want to make more money and how i get more and more orders.I still share my gig on social media site.Please advice me .
waiting for Kind response !


That is an excellent goal. You can make more money by completing more orders.

You can gain more orders by promoting your services to the people who need them.

Great! Are you sharing your gigs on social media with the people who need your services? Because if you aren’t then you’re wasting your time. Your friends (whom you are connected to social media) are not your customers who need your services.

I just did. :slight_smile:

Why are you sitting around waiting for people to make you successful, when you can easily learn how to be successful by reading the great tips already posted on these forums?


It looks like to me you are doing perfectly fine with many orders already,
I don’t think you need any help or advice, just keep doing what you are doing.:thinking:


Yes i want more order but don’t know how?

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I advised you how you could obtain new orders in my previous comment. Please re-read what I wrote… and tell me if you plan to do any of what I suggested.

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How i found my clients?

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How i found my client in social media ???

You have now been on FIVERR for almost 2 years and have 500+ review I guess you know better than us!
What I mean is you should have experienced when you were getting lot of orders and what you did that time?
Why did your rate of getting orders decrease?

Think over these things and improve them!

Moreover what I see is when people get 100+ review they keep expecting that people will come to them and just wait. You can’t always expect that thing if you see decrease in Impressions, orders use your 10 daily requests :slight_smile:

When I sometimes don’t get order for 3-4 days I head to buyer request and every time it turn out great for me.


I don’t know… how DID you find your clients? :wink:

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Yes i daily make buyer request .But still i want again auto order .

:thinking: hmmmm Ok if you know then share with me ?

You have earned – and completed many orders already. What did you do to obtain those orders? Repeat the process and you will earn more.

Please stop begging for answers, when you clearly already know what to do.

I do not know i go peak one time and get many orders ,And now fall down and do not know how ?

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@jonbaas you are most experience in You can help me i know .I want again go tot he peak and want more order .

Search on fiverr your related service gig and observe what they are giving in their gig then try to make new gig which other seller are not giving hope you will get order soon thanks

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No. I cannot help you any further. You’re not interested in my help – you want me to provide some sort of magic secret that instantly makes you successful with lots of orders. I cannot do that. You are already successful. Use the knowledge you have already applied to the orders you have already completed, and keep doing what you did to become successful in the first place. There are no instant results.

You already know what to do… so go and do it.

You will receive no further help from me.


Thank you ,I get many information from you .Thanks for your good time.Have a good day.

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Thanks you for a such type of great information !

increase your impressions , when impresssions will increase than you will be able to get orders.
And search on youtube you will get better ideas.Use buyer section as well to increase orders.


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How i increase impression. It going down.

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