HI, how would someone begin voice animation? First time here


HI, how would someone begin voice animation?


Whats that?? Voice animation or voice over??


Voiceovers you mean?


HI, yes, I thought I saw that was advertised on fiverr.


Yes, I guess. Not really sure how it works, but I know I have a voice. lol


You need to know how to do it and it’s not something anyone here can explain on the forum.
It is not just a matter of having a voice, it’s a matter of being an actor and having the right equipment and experience and a studio. It also involves knowing how to edit it. It’s complicated.

It sounds easy but it isn’t.



Check this out:

Best of luck!


Oh. Do you have resources?




It can be learned if you have the right combination of talent, skills and finances to acquire the equipment and move forward with a plan. I would guess voiceover work is one of the more difficult things to start up on Fiverr. Check this article out, it’s humorous but true. It’s more about how people get started that later on in freelance, but it’s relevant:


I always obsess over Linea Sage on these forums. She’s rolling in money I bet.


You cannot animate the voice bcos its a sound… no one can see a soundwave, and animation is a graphic.
Like cartoons


Thanks for the info.


Ha, thanks for the reply.