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Hi I am a new guy here

Hi, my name is ananthan. I just finished my degree and I am looking for ways to earn for myself. I am really passionate about photography and design stuff. and I thought, why not try out Fiverr. I created the account 2 days ago. Still haven’t received any orders. I hope I will get some orders sooner.

Its the first time I have joined a community and the discussions here seem relevant.
nice meeting you all.


@ananthan1998 Welcome to Community!

Same to you…i also creat my 1st gig in fiverr.

Hello, Ananthan!

Welcome to Fiverr Forum! :tada:

Congratulations on earning your degree, that’s a huge accomplishment. :clap:t4: Take a look around, you’ll find some interesting topics that are helpful. To learn more about the Forum click here. :point_down:t4:

Welcome to the forum !

Welcome to fiverr forum community and best of luck

Welcome to the fiverr
Use best tags description gig images and try to stay online
You get orders
Best of luck

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Hello, i’m also a new one)

Hi, Welcome to and Keep going :grinning:

Welcome to the family… Keep trying brother.