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Hi,I am a new seller.check out my profile

Hello Everyone,
I am a new seller .it was a kind of dream for me to join fiverr or work in this platform. After so many attempts I join this platform few months ago and published my gig’s.I eagerly waiting for my first order here is my profile link please check it out I have made my all gig’s with patience,hard work and research.I hope all the gig’s are perfect and eye catching for a client.


Hi, welcome to fiverr and forum community. Best of luck.

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Welcome to the platform.

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

By researching you can get more information.

Check this out New Sellers .... The True Way to Success!

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A couple of things.

A one day delivery for a $5 logo sounds like a rush job to me.

It’s going to sound like a rush job to a lot of other Buyers, as well.

Oh, and adding “unlimited revisions” is a bad idea.

Here’s why…I can hire you for just $5.

I am going to take your offer of 100% satisfaction because, quite honestly, I am a difficult Buyer.

I’m going to get you to revise the logo you made for me countless times for the next month or two.

You can’t do anything about it because your Gig says you will give me “unlimited revisions” until I am 100% satisfied.

The kicker is that I can keep you working on this and it’s only going to cost me $5.

You see what I’m talking about?

If I were you, I would eliminate any mention of unlimited revisions or restrict it to 2 or 3.

I would also increase your prices.

Charge at least $10 for your Basic Package.

Good luck.


Thank you for your suggessions.i only did these for buyer thing that if i do my job perfectly then why buyer always go for revision .there every buyer is orginal and serious or nowadays fiverr competitions are go very high that why everyone do the same they offer so many thing for buyer attarction

What you don’t understand (and other new sellers who offer unlimited revisions) is that this attracts the wrong type of buyer - the type looseink describes. Someone who will never be pleased for a measly $5 - and may even decide to cancel in the end.

Another no-no is that you have created 4 Gigs which are for all intents and purposes the SAME. 2 say you will design a FLAT logo, the other 2 say you will design an eye catching or creative logo. Same thing. You are not supposed to make multiple Gigs that are alike in the same category. What you need to do is differentiate them in some way - OR - make ONE logo making Gig and add Extras to it to add on to what you would offer.


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I regard to your suggession. But I will manage it .it’s my choice to give a buyer full satisfaction or it’s basic package also.otherhand you repeat this angain that i published 4 gig’s with same catagory. It can be fiverr rule that no one can publish same catagory gig second time .but fiverr do not care about this it’s my personal opinion fiverr continuously controlling everyone’s profile like a satellite over the sky.if any one do any activities against fiverr then fiverr catch him directly and take strict action.If anyone get a few order by publishing 2-3 gig’s it will benefit for both side .I already research on it .hope you won’t suggest me the same thing another of my post.
Thank you