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Hi i Am Abseejp, a newbie on fiverr. i joined some days ago and i have set up a professional gig but i cant see buyers request on my account

i need help. i am trying to check for buyers request but i cant find any

Hello. Welcome to Fiverr! I hope you have a good experience.

Also, regarding the buyer requests, they can appear at any time of the day(depending on when the buyer places the request of course). And you need to keep checking buyer requests as frequently as you possibly can. Because, once a buyer request appears, it usually disappears within a couple of minutes (sometimes less than 5 minutes). This is because, within the short time the request was up, the buyer probably received a lot of requests from prospective sellers, and had already decided on the seller s/he would like to go with for his order.

Of course, whatever I have said in this message is from the experiences that I, personally have had so far, and might not match with what others might have experienced.

You can also check this link. A lot has been discussed on this topic of buyer requests ->

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If you just post a sentence as your heading and write the explanation as to what your post is about in the actual post you are more likely to get replies.

Dear buyers won’t show up themselves, you need to search for them. Do buyer’s request from the sellers tab. Promote your Gigs on social media, then people will contact you.