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Hi, i am Angel Jasmin, i am new in fiverr forum. work in with Eecommerce

Hey, Hope all your well.and get a GOOD sell.i am new in fiverr and working with ecommerce website.But just ask your experience can do something good in The future with this type of GIG?

Thank You my Friend !!!

Angel jasmin :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :kissing_heart:

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If you have the skills in creating e-commerce websites, then create a gig, experiment, and see if you can make it profitable and successful. Take a risk. See what happens. None of us can tell you the future. You will only learn the future by experiencing it yourself – as it becomes the present.


Your friend . can you please visit my gig and is it look good ,or need to any change ?

This post should be In Improve my GIG or Introduction, you post topic in wrong section.