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Hi I am Diesel C

Professionally, I am a digital marketer. Fiverr at $5, which is then $4 and then $2.50 after PayPal is scary. Privately I have been living by my small bag of rune stones for 20 years.

Nice to meet you all.


I’ve been living on my stash of gold-pressed latinum for nearly as many years. It is indeed a hard life. Nonetheless, it is nice to meet you as well. Welcome to Fiverr.


Rune stones! I love rune stones! I had them all memorized, together with lots of bg info, for RP though, never thought of making an RL living out of that. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for another career some day, though. :curling_stone: Hmmm, a curling stone is the closest I get for an emoji, what’s up with those emoji folks, they got wizards, mermaids and elves, Y no rune stones …

Welcome to the forum and good luck, Diesel C!