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Hi I am Kuntala

Hello all. I am from India. I am an IT consultant, writer and blogger specializing in Travel, Health, Beauty, Parenting. I write short stories and poems in a website. I own a Travel blog and author of three websites.


Hello and welcome, it sounds like you have quite a full plate. If you ever need anything for your travel blog relating to Mallorca, Spain, please keep us in mind. Thank you.


Nice to meet you.

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You need to remove all of the references (the last 5 lines) from your gig description to various off Fiverr websites as to where your work can be found.

Sharing off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.

Enjoy the forum.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. Yes I removed the last 5 lines from my gig.

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Hello @kuntalabanerjee

Welcome to Fiverr.

Please follow the link to Fiverr’s term of services and read it thoroughly, it will help you on the long run on Fiverr.

Link to ToS:

Thank you very much. Please feel free to brows the gigs we offer.

Hell Kuntala :slight_smile: Welcome