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Hi I am new at Fiverr and don't know how I start


Hi, I am new at Fiverr. I want you to ask how can i get fast sellings or revisions. I dont have buyer requests :frowning:. Everytime when I check the request there is nothing. Can somebody help me please?
How can i make my Profile better to get more requests and sells?
this is my Profile: .



Hello ! I advice you to check the seller tips section on the Forum !

  • Choose an attractive gig title / image
  • Low price to get review, be competitive !
  • Promote your gig on social networks
  • Be active on the forum


Kind regard !



I just head over to your gigs and they seems very good including images, descriptions. I saw most of your gigs starting from $10, since you are a new seller who has no reviews, i would suggest you to sell your service for just $5. It maybe unfair for you, but that’s how most of people started on fiverr. Also these graphic design category has the best competition on the platform. even though rated sellers do background removal tasks for $5. so check other gigs related to what you offer and get inspiration. Then you will be good to go. Best of Luck!


If you know why i am dont get buyer requests? i have only one request and this is 1 hour before.


You will get buyer requests according to the tags you put in your gigs. Check if those tags are very related to what you sell. also there maybe no buyer requests. Because buyer requests is not the default way the fiverr works, so there will be limited amount of requests per day :slight_smile:


Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) for helpful information.


thx it was very helpfull :slight_smile: