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HI I am new! Bit scared, but excited!

I am happy to be here :smiley:
As I am not doing anything at the moment (with the covid and all)
I thought I should do something more productive.
So, after some thoughts, here I am!
I do voice acting and singing for a hobby.
Hope I can meet your needs and become a successful seller.

I welcome any feed back on my gig. Thank you.

Have a wonderful day!


Congratulations. No pain no gain. Stay focused hope you will do great

Welcome to fiverr and good luck!

Check out some of the successful gigs in your category and see if you can learn from how they present their gigs. Market and share your gigs to try and earn sales! There are also lots of helpful resources on the forums that I recommend reading through!


Welcome to Fiverr! The best of luck to you.

Warm welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the warm welcome and tips <33

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Welcome to fiverr community
Best of luck. :heart::heart:

Congratulations, best of luck.

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There is nothing to be scared of, just experience it.
Well wish for your business.

Stay loved and blessed… :green_heart:


Welcome to the Fiverr community!

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Hi Karli3
Welcome to fiverr community
some suggest for you
1.Add your keyword on GIG title, description & tags.
2.have to create 7 GIG to have more chance to get first order fast.
3.Buyer request is best way to get your first sell. To get response by buyer request, write a clean and easy to understand proposal.
4.Most important things is that try to stay online always

Thank you