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Hi i am new help me

how to write fiverr buyer request and will come in requirements the then make a gig .
how i get orders.
how to make professional gig and attractive.

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Hey Sheharyarkhan12 !

As a seller you can send 10 bids per day on the “buyers request” page.
Your bids should describe the services you offer, price, and time it will take you to complete the job.
Be sure to send original bids and address the buyers request as best you can.

To make your gigs look more attractive and your profile nicer - you can hire another seller on here to create you nice custom gig images.

Everyday send your 10 bids and always be sure to respond to any request you get… If you do this every day you should get some orders and if completed successfully, be on your way to having a great Fiverr career!

Be sure to search the forums, they are a great source of information.

Goodluck and Have Fun


Check this out for how to get started on Fiverr:


Good advice. i dont know why less buyer request come to my site

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