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Hi, I am new here and I am having fun. (Even if I don't have orders yet *sigh)

I created my fiverr account last January 2021, but been inactive for months. But now, I am back and taking this journey seriously. I have taken tests, enrolled for skills @ learn.fiverr, posted better gigs contents and lastly joined in fiverr forum. Hopefully I’ll be able to receive orders soon.

Just checked your gig. Video with glitching effect doesn’t seems to showcase your skills and past works. Use all 3 images to just put your best works out there. No need to repeat what you have written in title. And remove all of that phone number, messenger links. According to TOS you can be banned permanently.

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Oh, thank you so much for informing me. This will help me a lot.

Thank you, really. A while ago I cannot see any post at BR, but after removing other gigs and removing the picture with links, I can now offer at BR. Thanks thanks thanks.

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